Upcoming Events

We have been very busy organising collections in towns all over the North.

These are just some of the towns we’re planning to collect in:

  • Manchester
  • Bolton
  • Wigan
  • Preston
  • Stockport
  • Bury
  • Stretford
  • Burnley
  • Accrington
  • Warrington
  • Salford
  • Blackpool
  • Blackburn
  • Oldham
  • Altrincham
  • Sale
  • Lancaster
  • Leigh
  • Liverpool
  • Chester
  • Chorley
  • Huddersfield
  • Widnes
  • St Helen’s
  • Morecambe
  • Southport
  • Sheffield
  • Barnsley
  • Leeds
  • Halifax
  • Keighley
  • Bradford
  • Ashton-u-Lyne
  • Wakefield

How We Book Events

Each different town council has its own rules and regulations about street collection. However there is one rule which is common to all of them. You can’t hold a street collection unless you get a permit from the council.

To receive this permit you have to fill in an application form provided by the council. Each council’s application form is different, and each council has its own rules and regulations.

Before you submit the application form you have to contact the council to ask them what days they have free for collections and what regulations they have. For example, some councils only allow one collection per charity per year.

So if another volunteer group has already held a collection for a particular charity in that particular town, you will not be given a permit to hold one for the same charity for your volunteer group.

All councils insist that you also fill in a return form after your charity event, telling them how much you have raised and if you have charged any expenses. It will ask you what they are and how much they were.

All this information is stored by the council so that they can consider it, and when you make future applications they will refer back to it to decide your group’s worthiness to hold collections. For example, many councils only allow permission to collect to volunteer groups which have shown that they are successful at fundraising in that particular town and that they keep their expenses to a minimum.

Advice And Support

We may be able to provide support and advice for those people who are planning to hold charity events in town centres, clubs or pubs.

Email us with the details and we will respond as soon as we possibly can.