You’ve arrived at the new website of Charity Aid, the biggest and most impressive volunteer charity project in the country. We’ve raised £650,000 and held 1,000 charity events in 17 years. And we’re all unpaid volunteers. We get no government funding so we rely on people who donate their time and effort.

This website was set up by a volunteer – Cameron Fletcher – a student at Bolton College. This article was written by me, Peter Quinn, and all the photos were taken by volunteers. Our “base camp” was donated by a church – Burnley Methodists.

Charity Aid is a lasting testament to people who don’t just talk the talk – they walk the walk. They make the extra effort to create something which is far bigger than the individual. It is a team. We hope our story inspires you to get involved. Without volunteers like you, none of this would have been achieved.

When we tell potential volunteers what we’ve achieved, they find it hard to believe that it’s all true. It all started after I had cancer and it ended up with a group of cancer patients and disabled people, and their friends, fundraising by singing in shopping centres, stores, and town centres. Some of our team are no longer with us. They lost their battle with cancer. But new volunteers have come forward. We need more.

Charity Aid offers a unique opportunity for you to enjoy charity work. It’s your choice whether you want to make that difference to your life, and other people’s lives. Some people give us one day a year, some give more. We need computer staff, secretaries, drivers, collectors, singers, musicians, dancers, fancy dress wearers, accountants, solicitors, printers, designers, electricians, craftworkers. You can even help us from your home.

Contact us, please.

Peter Quinn.